Proven Staff Management

All of R.I.C. Construction's projects are staffed with a full time superintendent. The superintendent's responsibilities will include conducting on-site progress meetings, scheduling of the project, daily operations reports as required by the owner and interfacing with the owner's construction representative. The project superintendent will also administer quality control and safety programs for the project. Once assigned to the project the superintendent will remain "ON SITE" on the project until its completion. You will have a single point of contact for all your needs.
Using Today's Technology

A detailed project schedule is provided on all of R.I.C. Construction's projects. Project schedules are compiled using Microsoft Project scheduling software. Identification of long lead items, submittal scheduling, manpower scheduling and two-week look ahead schedules are all used to insure timely performance of the project.
R.IC. Professional

Logistical and Operation Managers insure team success, they are dedicated to the success of your project. We provide and track submittals, Method of Procedure, Change Orders, Purchasing and Invoicing. Coordinating Engineers find safe cost effective solutions to your project.